2020 Presidential Election November 4, 2020 15:05

Well its day two of quite possibly one of the most anticipated and important elections in the history of the United States. At this point it is unclear exactly who is in the lead and there is no clear front runner. But we will stay on the say side, the smart side, which just so happens to be the right side and stick with good ole Donald Trump as the projected winner of the 2020 United States of America Presidential Election - but anything could happen. Biden still has a chance.  Which blows...a lot. 

Even though we haven't come out with a clear winner for the sweet POTUS position and for the next leader of the free world - there is one positive thing coming from the procrastination from the electoral college and the lack of a clear winner being announced or one of the candidates seceding. 

You get to wear your badass, funny, and patriotic election tees for a few more days! 

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