2021 - THE YEAR OF THE AMERICAN May 26, 2021 11:28

It goes without saying that the last four years were pretty awesome for us 'real' Americans....you know - the ones who actually like, no, LOVE America and the ones who enjoy the heck out of the constitution and respect its words and ideals. Yeah those guys....And if you are reading this you are probably one of us.

And I will also go as far to say that Trump was not the reason for all of this. While Trump played a HUGEEEE role in it. Honestly, the Don really got lucky with his timing in that the Americans were getting sick and tired of business as usual and wanted a change. And when Donald J Trump walked in we saw something different. So DJT didnt cause the change but he was a result of it. And was the tipping point in bringing it all out in the mainstream media right in everyone's faces.

Unfortunately we lost the white house to BOOden but that doesn't mean the change has to stop. If you haven't noticed yet. Joe Biden is going to be a do nothing president. So its up to us to keep the momentum going. Keep showing that we love OUR America. And we will not give up on making and keeping the USA the greatest country in the world.

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