Happy Birthday Honest Abe! When is Abraham Lincolns B-Day? February 12, 2020 03:14

Today, Tuesday February 12th, is Abraham Lincolns Favorite day....His Birthday! 

On this day in 1809 Nancy Lincoln popped out this lanky geezer about 9 and a half months after Thomas Lincoln performed the first ever, in recorded history, wine, dine, and sixty-nine date night maneuver in order to secure coitus at then end of the evening. And boy are we glad that Nancy put out that night because good old Abe Lincoln changed the world in more ways than we could ever imagine.

So, make sure to pour one out for our home boy today in honor of his Birthday. And make sure you rock one of our bad ass patriotic Abraham Lincoln tees to let everyone else know your supports for this awesome president and to let them know about his b-day. Personally, I think the Drinkin Like Lincoln shirt is the best shirt for celebrating the 16th presidents birthday but there are plenty of other Abraham Lincoln tshirts and tank tops to choose from as well!

Send us your best pics rocking your Abe Lincoln apparel and let us know how you celebrated his birthday in the comments!