Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! May 10, 2019 10:10

Like few other countries around the world, the United States of America  military spouse appreciation day 2019, America USA Patriotic Clothing and Apparelembraces, respects, and yes, loves, our military service members. We acknowledge their sacrifices through many holidays throughout the year, numerous events and parades, along with countless small gestures made locally and abroad ranging from care packages sent overseas to active duty service members to a hand shake and a thank you to the local veteran you see all the time around town. At Merica Supply Co, we show our love and respect by offering free items and discounts to active duty embers of the military, veterans and their families. Along with that we take a lot of pride in providing you guys and the rest of America with clothing and apparel products that allow red blooded patriotic Americans to show their pride and love for our great nation! Even as we show our love and respect to our service members, these heroes often times have another extremely important and valuable person in their lives that goes unnoticed and underappreciated by most.

The person we are referring to is the military spouse. We can’t forget this member of the team who bears a similar burden and sacrifices almost as much. Which is why the U.S. government created a national holiday focused specifically on recognizing these important yet sometimes forgotten "members" of our military. We are, of course, referring to Military Spouse Appreciation Day which each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day has been designated as National Military Spouse Appreciation Day by proclamation of The President of The United States of America!

This year this important holiday just so happens to be today, Friday March 10th, 2019.

Hard Work and Hardship

Thousands of U.S. military spouses are stuck at home thousands of miles away from their loved ones OR they might even be stationed with their spouse taking them away from their families and their homes and moving them across the country and around the world sharing in the hardships of their husbands or wives who are engaged in all types of military activity.

When the service member is deployed, either for routine training or not-so-routine combat operations, the spouse must stay home and keep the family and household running all by themselves most of the time and to make things more difficult they do all this with minimal financial support from their spouses job in the military. This often leaves them with no choice other than to get a job themselves making caring for their children and keeping the household and family together and running smoothly even more difficult.

Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, the military spouse is give the mundane tasks of house cleaning, paying bills, routine maintenance, and yard work – not to mention the vital tasks of childcare and working to make money!

All of this among many many other reasons is why military spouses deserve a day of recognition. 

A New Honor

The official holiday giving these important members of our military's families and lives hasn’t been around of long. President Ronald Reagan signed the first proclamation for Military Spouse Day on May 23, 1984 (six months before his historic re-election! But we digress…) to recognize the “…profound importance of spouse commitment to the readiness and well-being of service members on active duty and in the National Guard and Reserve, and to the security of our Nation.”

Recognize and Appreciate

This day (May 10, 2019) is a chance for all of us to acknowledge the sacrifice and dedication of United States military spouses at home and stationed around the world. They really deserve our praise and respect. If you know a military spouse, show them some love with a gift from our patriotic themed apparel shop. And if you don’t know a spouse, you can still share your thoughts and appreciation by sharing messages and images on social media while making sure to use the hashtags #MilitarySpouseAppreciationDay and #mericasupplyco so we can share your images, thoughts, and well wishes!

God Bless America!