Happy National Anthem Day!(March 3rd) March 3, 2019 17:30

At Merica Supply Co., we love America. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Our patriotic apparel is perfect for you favorite USA holiday or for everyday wear to show your love and support for the United States and it lets us scream from the rooftops that we’re the best country in the world and we don’t apologize for that FACT.

We love to learn about America and when we learn something that pumps us up about this great country, we want to share. Today, boys and girls, we’re going to learn about the National Anthem, March 3rd, and Herbert Hoover.

What and Who??

Admit it, you really don’t know what today is and what the 31st President of the United States, Herbert Hoover, has to do with it do you? It’s ok. Most people probably think it’s just a normal Sunday in March (it isn’t) and Hoover had something to do with vacuum cleaners (he didn’t). He did preside over the beginning of the Great Depression though, so there’s that.

But what really made him a great president is that he signed a congressional resolution to make the “Star-Spangled Banner” the official national anthem of the United States of America on March 3, 1931!

Now lets jump in the wayback machine with us so we can show you how it all happened…

Way, way, way back

During the War of 1812, the at-the-time evil British were laying seize to Baltimore, Maryland with intentions of destroying Washington DC (they did, but that’s another story). Well, a friend of Francis Scott Key got captured by those same bad British blokes and F. Scott Key went to negotiate his release. The British, doing what bad guys do, “detained” Key while they launched hundreds of tons of cannonballs on Fort McHenry (which defended the river towards Baltimore).

Throughout the night, the British just bombarded the bejesus out of the fort – not to mention a heavy rain and thunder storm battered the fort’s occupants as well. By the morning, the British were feeling confident(Oops). And as the clouds, fog, and smoke cleared, what did they see?

That’s right, Old Glory, flying majestically over the fort. The Americans had held off the British!

Key was so inspired after seeing this he wrote a poem, “The Defence of Fort M’Henry,” which eventually became a song, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Now lets fast forward 110 years, England isn’t our enemy and we don’t have an official national anthem, until – good ol’ Herbert Hoover signed that congressional resolution! Maybe he deserves a tank top like a couple of our other great, historic presidents!


Happy National Anthem Day! Sing it loud and proud today! Oh, and don’t forget the other verses https://amhistory.si.edu/starspangledbanner/the-lyrics.aspx (that most people don't know exist! 😉).

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Fun fact: The music that Key used to accompany the “Star-Spangled Banner” was actually an old British drinking song called, “The Anacreontic Song,” named after a Greek poet who loved him some wine!