Happy No Pants Day! May 3, 2019 18:09

This is one of those days that really needs no introduction. It’s not an official national holiday in the United States – but is should be. Today, ladies and gentlemen, is National No Pants Day! We’ve been waiting for this day since…well, since last National No Pants Day. We love not wearing pants and wouldn’t wear them to the store, to school, to work, to church, or…ok, sorry, now it’s getting weird.

So, what should you wear on National No Pants Day? Funny you should ask. How about this https://www.mericasupply.com/products/no-pants-are-the-best-pants-shirt?

hot girl no pants are the best pant shirt

Just in case you’re wondering, the first National No Pants Day may have been celebrated in 1985 or 1986, but there’s also speculation that a frat at the University of Texas, Austin started it in 2004 as a way to wrap up their spring semester. Regardless of the history, this would be a great official national holiday – especially as we’re coming up on Cinco de Mayo (let’s get the party started early, huh?)

So, we hope you’ve been doing your deep knee bends, calf raises, and squats because today, everyone will see those legs!

On second thought, maybe we don’t want this to be an official national holiday. Could you imagine some members of Congress with no pants on?

nancy pelosi ugly liberal snowflake

Ugh. Gross.

Let’s just keep it the way it is.

Oh, by the way, for the sake of us all, please wear clean underwear!