Abroham Lincoln Patriotic Party Shirt

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Abroham Lincoln Shirt by Merica Supply Co.

Proclaim your right to party hard when you show up at this year's 4th of July celebration wearing the funny aBROham Lincoln t-shirt. Abe's decked out and ready to get down in his throwback suit and prim bowtie, but we can tell by the red solo cup in his hand that what he's sipping is less than presidential.

This funny Abe Lincoln Shirt is bound to start more than a few conversations around the ole barbecue pit this summer, and we hear the ladies love it. With a backdrop of the American flag and an old-school boom box in the background, this is one Patriotic T-shirt that you'll find yourself turning to all year round for patriotic parties and get-togethers.

Buy the Abroham Lincoln USA Party Tee from Merica Supply Co. Today!

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