Four Score and Seven Beers Ago Shirt

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Four Score and Seven Beers Ago T-Shirt by Merica Supply Co.

So you shepherd a fledgling country through more than four years of its first (and hopefully only) civil war. Next you're taxed with healing the wounds of an entire nation. What would you do? That's right – it's time to party!!! And this USA party tee sets the proper tone for any red-white-and-blue observance, whether you live North or South.

Be advised, however, that four score and seven beers is A LOT of beer, and likely to get the whole neighborhood drunk. So be careful not to fall in the barbecue pit or skewer yourself instead of your kebobs.

As you might expect from it's patriotic party-animal motif, this funny tee is printed in the USA so you can wear it with national pride. The fabric is comfy pure cotton that's been preshrunk to stay true to size, and seams are reinforced to hold up over the long haul. Plus the long-lasting, direct-to-garment print won't chip away in the wash like lesser prints. Have one on hand for your next Fourth of July party, Presidents' Day, or any day you want to celebrate in true American style.

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