Party Like Its 1776 Tank Top

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Party Like It's 1776 Tank Top by Merica Supply Co.

Everyone knows that Benjamin Franklin was a party animal. That wild-ass Founding Father was no Quaker but still he always felt his oats. But did you also know that George Washington used to take out his teeth at parties and do a ventriloquist act with them? Or that Tommy Jefferson could pound a quart of colonial hootch upside down? And don't even get us started on Sam Adams – dude had a beer named after him. Enough said.

So if you want to party like our Founding Fathers did in the good old USA before it actually was the USA, here's the party tank top you need to get your patriotic jam going on. Whether it's the Fourth of July or just a mundane day that needs some extra 1776 to liven up the mix, this preshrunk, pure cotton fabric is your invitation to take off your wig and get it started.

The print is “distressed” by design, and will stand up to washings on end, thanks to the high quality direct-to-garment printing process. The seams have a smooth finish for chafe-free comfort. Betsy Ross couldn't have sewn this funny USA tank top better herself.

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