Patriotic As Fuck Shirt

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Patriotic As Fuck T-Shirt by Merica Supply Co.

If you're patriotic as fuck and want to make sure everyone knows it, then this funny 4th of July shirt lets you proclaim it to the world loud and clear! Show America's haters that's you're down with Uncle Sam and bleed red, white, and blue by wearing the Patriotic As Fuck shirt.

This awesome USA tee features bold lettering and the one and only American flag to drive your patriotic point across. This patriotic shirt sends a not-so-subtle message to the liberals and hipsters that want to bring our country down – we're flag-waving freedom-loving Americans, and you can't take us down!

This is the perfect 4th of July tee to showcase your patriotism at your next USA party, BBQ, fireworks show, or just wear this American flag T-shirt year round to set yourself apart as a true 'Merican.

Buy the Patriotic as Fuck shirt from Merica Supply Co. today!

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