American As Fuck American Flag Shirt

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American as Fuck Shirt by Merica Supply Co.

Everyone needs a no-nonsense American flag shirt for the big Fourth of July cookout, or any occasion that calls for barbecue, beer, and an in-your-face statement of where your loyalties lie. And this is the perfect funny USA tshirt for that occasion.

Printed with pride in America from Merica Supply Co., this funny Republican t-shirt for clear-thinking Americans (or a few of the more enlightened Democrats) is pure cotton in a lofty knit to help you puff out your American as fuck chest and thump it ferociously with gorilla fists. Challenge anyone to best you in a hot dog eating contest. Or stuff an entire apple pie in your face to drive the point home. No one is as American as you, and that's for fucking sure when you wear this classic USA party shirt.

The antiqued design is a high quality direct-to-garment print for longer life in the field and through the laundry. Seams are smoothly finished for chafe-free comfort. What the hell else would you expect from the best fucking country on earth?

Get this one-of-a-kind American As Fuck 4th of July Shirt right here, and put all those unpatriotic pussies to shame at your next cookout. OO-RAH!

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