American As Fuck American Flag Tank Top

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American As Fuck Tank Top by Merica Supply Co.

No one likes a namby-pamby, wishy-washy, neither-here-nor-there, non-committal wimp. This American Flag shirt actually stands for something, and states its case proudly with no-nonsense words and a cool graphic of Old Glory itself.

Our American As Fuck Tank Top is a perfect gift for the “love it or leave it” crowd, whether Republican or conservative Democrat (if such animals still survive in democratic circles). There's no doubt you'll reach for it as the numero uno USA party tank top when you're firing up the barbecue for your Fourth of July celebration. It's also the shirt of choice anytime you think the unpatriotic among you need a wakeup call – or a good swift kick in the ass. Plus it's proof that Republicans and Gun-toting rednecks can be funny too.

The tank is printed in the USA of pure cotton that's preshrunk to stay true to size...unless your beer gut grows exponentially (easy on the Bud, buddy). The armhole and neck openings are smoothly finished so they won't chafe. Humorous, comfy, and high-quality – what else would you expect from the red-white-and-blue?

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