Codys Sweet Tat Tee - Limited Edition

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself "today I want to be just like Cody Pigon"? You buy yourself the poorly fitted jeans. You grab a baggy plaid button up shirt off the rack at the nearest shirt store. You head over to the closest crossfit gym. You've done as much as humanly possible to become Cody. But there is one thing missing. A sweet dragon tattoo. 

Well now you can complete your transformation into the loved and revered Cody Pigon with the Limited Edition "Codys Sweet Tat Tee" from Merica Supply Co!

Make all your dreams come true when you make this amazing tribal dragon the centerpiece of your wardrobe. Available for a limited time only so act now! Buy the Codys Sweet Tat Tee Today!

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