Make America Lit Again Shirt

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Make America Lit Again T-Shirt by Merica Supply Co.

Tired of hearing about the election? Make a statement about something that really matters with the Make America Lit Again funny party shirt. While Trump stumps to make America great again, exercise your right to wear your beer goggles, grab a few bros, and make America lit again with this patriotic American T-shirt.

Americans have really been slacking off on their responsibility to party hard, and the Make America Lit Again shirt shows your support for exercising your duty to rage like a true American.

Even our founding fathers knew that America was nothing if not a country that could handle its ale and lager – which is why you'd find them boozing on beer and hard cider at will. Wear this funny USA T-shirt to encourage your fellow Americans to renew the American spirit when they head out to the liquor store, stock up, and Make America Lit Again.

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