Party Like Its 1776 Shirt

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We didn't get all bloodied and crippled up just to sit around on our stumps and tell war stories. HELL no!!! We fought the revolutionary war to party! And by god and country we are going to do just that. It was the War of Independence, for crying out loud, not the War for Not Having Fun Any More. So put on this funny USA party t-shirt and start celebrating your hard-won liberty in patriotic style.

It's printed in the USA with national pride in a plush, pure cotton fabric that's preshrunk to keep fitting right. The long-lasting “distressed” print holds up for the duration, as do the nicely finished armhole and neck openings. It's the perfect 4th of July shirt, or anytime barbecue shirt, or mow-the-lawn shirt, or have a water fight with the kids shirt, or...what the is simply the best America shirt for all your great American lifestyle pastimes.

This red-white-and-blue tee is dedicated to all the upstarts out there who made it possible for us to kick back, relax, and enjoy our freedoms. Get this unique Party Like It's 1776 Fourth of July Party Shirt today, and exercise your hard-fought right to matter which party you belong to.

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