Patriotic As Fuck Tank Top

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Patriotic as Fuck Tank Top by Merica Supply Co.

Keep it American and deliver a bold message when you rock the Patriotic As Fuck tank top that lets America's haters know that you don't give a fuck what they think and that you are a true American!

If your blood runs red, white, and blue then this patriotic shirt gives you a chance to proclaim it to the world. This USA tank top features American flag in all her glory flying across its front, just in case anyone doubts your allegiance to the greatest country on the planet, the Unites States of America.

Wear this American flag tank top to the gym to garner a 'hell yeah' or two from the bros, or make it your official 4th of July tank top for putting a large dose of 'Merica on this year's festivities.

Buy the Patriotic as Fuck tank top from Merica Supply Co. today!

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